Saturday, 7 November 2015

Just another voice from within...

Clattering of opinions and issues all around me,
Mind in a chaos,
Cant think straight cant sleep peacefully,
Tossing around, this and that,
Too many hopes, too many dreams,
Everything is there in the back of my mind...
But I... I seem to be swimming across endless commitments.
Lost my escape,
For that has now become my obligation.
The last thing I wanted to trade my loved one was for fame...
But now it does seem from far away quite like that.
But this heart within knows...
Knows that this heart is too sensitive to trade anything precious like that..
For something so trivial.
So I would hold onto it.
The one which enlightened my dark times...
The one which I loved heartily,
Shall not be traded.
Altruism it is...but sometimes it is okay to cut some slack.
Get the time for yourself..
For once shut the voices in your brain,
Listen to your beautiful heart,
Is this what you truly want?
Is there any way out?
Is this the one way ticket to some endless journey?
If this is immortal until you, the mortal soul pass away...
How are you going to deal with it?
How will you force the heart to love this?
This the heart shall decide.
Find your weakest spot,
Make them your strengths,
And turn your obligations into your escapes...
This is how I merged my escapes and my obligation into one.
My life without both is now understood would be not me.
Where would I be?
This the God knows.
His plans are perfect,
For now, I would do my best and leave the rest to Him.
He would guide me...
And that is all I need for now.
Assurance of Love and Guidance,
For which the Rabb (God) is always there to shower. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Welcome the bliss...!

Nothing is permanent. We, the animals, our posessions and everything else we see. Everything will perish, yet how we long for certain things to stay with us forever is what baffles me. As I am writing this, my heart keeps wondering about the days to come, the days which are not a reality right now, something unseen and non existent, yet how amazingly does my heart spindle stories about them. Ramadan has come to an end. I have been lost in its beauty and now I fear if I would turn into the same old version of myself. Not that I was bad or anything before the beginning of the ever blessed month, but I was a person finding a piece of my heart missing, a void which nothing could fill. Null. That was what I felt. I prayed for one thing over and over, not that I wanted Mini Cooper right now, but something which only God could give.
Ever since I began to ask Him to fill the void, astoundingly things have been different. We all know the feeling of being sad or secluded. If not, thank goodness, you are indeed one of a kind. There are times when tiny things which people say or do hurts you so much so that your heart literally starts paining, the lump in your throat puts you in loss for words and you feel like the lonely tree in a plain desert. All of a sudden, you feel like you belong to some other species and absolutely nobody understands you, and you know what? It happens, it happens that sometimes nobody will understand you because you simply cant express how you feel, or even if you express, the other person wouldn't just get it.
I appreciate you anyway for confronting your feelings and letting it out in the form of tears. But I found an even better cure for it then talking it out, mostly that does solve the problem, but there is this pain which still remains and you have become a clueless human being. And that's when you finally remember that there is Someone above you who is craving to listen to the stories of His creations, but when that creation of His asks the darkness to help him, how do you expect Him to solve everything right away? But He being the Most Merciful solves the issues right away sometimes without even asking for Him to. Subhanallah!
The point of being sad for petty issues is that we want to feel it and we want to acknowledge the pain. When your feelings are quite sane, your heart reminds you that the issue is nothing to worry about and this is just a speck of dust being thrown on your beautiful heart, but you ignore the goody heart's voices and just ask it to leave you alone so that you can further distress yourself.
 That's when you go wrong, you should've listened to the goody heart because that could've solved the problem right away. But what's bygone doesn't matter, now that you have realized or are still lingering in the world of sorrow, take a deep breathe and ask yourself, what on earth is disturbing you so much? Is it even worth the time I grieve for? Is this how my life would someday become meaningful? Does grieving make me feel better in the slightest? Lastly, ask yourself, why are you punishing yourself?
But even after asking all these questions, the positive vibes wouldn't start glowing by itself all of a sudden, you may toughen up and be a hulk but there is something very important that is still missing within. You haven't asked the One whom you should have asked long ago, the only Helper to all the lost souls who ask. That is why you are still wetting your pillow with uncontrollable tears, that is why your heart pricks and pains.
It is time for you to turn to Him, you have made a mess out of yourself, now it is you who has to pick yourself up and ask Him who guided us all these years instead of letting us wander in the darkness of forests. There are so many things to be thankful for, every single moment you breathe out is a blessing, your eyesight, hands and feet, think about those people who haven't been blessed with these! Thank Allah that you are not worse, ask Him to take you out of this sorrow and and ask Him to fill the void and strengthen your faith in Him, keep repeating, cry in prostration when the world sleeps' do not be ashamed to cry in front of Him and that earns better rewards than weeping without any clue.
Sometimes, your prayers won't be answered right away, but stay patient and keep begging for guidance, your heart will glow out of happiness and contentment. You may not turn rich abruptly, but there will be a kind of happiness that silences the roaring of all the regrets you had in the past. Unfavourable things will happen all the time, but your outlook towards those will change because now you have Allah and you know in the end that is all that matters. This life is just an amusement, in the end, this all would not be all that you thought it to be.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Holy Land in the Holy Month

In a city where there is no such thing as silence, a city where lights never go off, a city where cars never leave the road alone, a city where everything happens in a super fast pace, I wonder, is there anything more beautiful and admirable than this place where I have been fortunate enough to enter with tranquility in my heart?
In this Blessed month of Ramadan in which peace is the only word which the Muslim hearts speak out, I was fortunate enough to visit Makkah and perform Umrah. It wasn't the first time of course, living in this country and in a city which is so close to the Holy city; one is bound to visit the largest Masjid on this earth often. But this time, I had to mention the beauty of it to the entire world with pride.
So we began our journey; murmuring prayers on the way and longing to pray to Allah S.W.T in this blessed month and craving to reap the rewards by pleasing Him. Hundreds and thousands of cars passed by for the same purpose, rushing to Worship, even imagining so many people of different race, nationality, gender, praying in front of the Lord, and encircling the Kaaba in pure black and white gives me tears of happiness. Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah).
Masjid Al Haram
Then, we stopped at the checkpoint, where young police officers smiled with all their hearts and handed over four packets of Iftar package which contained 3 dates, a cake bar and a bottle of water each, and he asked us if we wanted more. We couldn't help but smile at their generosity for one can be quite sure that nowhere would millions of people get food for absolutely free of cost; quenching the hunger and thirst of everyone without even asking asking for it!
 It surprises me because they don't provide food for a few  hundreds or thousands, but to all the 1.5 million people who come to the Holy land. No road tax, no food tax, and sometimes they don't even charge for travelling in the buses to the place which is kilometers away! How awesome can they get?
It is not just the people who serve this nation whose hospitality is remarkable in this month, there are others from many countries whose hearts get softened right at the entrance of Haram and are ready to do anything to make others happy. To bring a smile in the other's face is an ambition of all. The beauty of it all brings an inner peace, as though a charm has descended to enlighten the hearts.
Qahwa (Arabic Coffee) 
While the men and women walked in the Sae'e area, there were a few random ladies and men standing with a box filled with dates, and flasks of Qahwa (arabic coffee) ready to be poured out for anybody who wished to have them. As the men ran under those greenish white and golden lights, they grabbed a few dates, a cup of qahwa and flashed a smile as a token of gratitude and began running again.
It is not a thing to be surprised about, this kind of hospitality is seen more than often in the Holy Masjid, but the happiness one gets when serving others is priceless. It was the same for me.
Young men of the defense department, scouts and guides, volunteers to push wheelchairs (for people who are not well enough to walk) and the Heroes of Haram who square up a certain area in a minute or two and clean the entire area with the most refreshing scent on this earth etc; are those people who need a standing applause.
They are such selfless people who do not ask if we need any help, they offer to help. The most beautiful thing about it is that they do not do it to please us alone, they do it to please Allah  (S.W.T) and to give us the privilege to please Him with utmost comfort. Our forefathers never had the facilities of today when they performed their religious duties, but today, no amount of words can explain the benevolence of these people and the remarkable work they are doing for this Ummah who come rushing to this Holy Land.
People of different nations, status, color, each and everyone standing uniformly in a perfect line and bowing down as the Imam (one who leads prayer) commands them to is a sight one can cherish forever. The intricately designed carpets with a fragrance of Arabian Oud, beautifully embroided Qiswa cloth wrapped around Ka'aba perfumed with strong Atr is to be inhaled forever. To get back from Masjid Al Haram is the hardest part for a worshiper as that is the place where every human can realize the meaning of inner peace and love without any boundaries. No matter who you are, billionaire of the world, ruler of the nations, or a person on the roadside, every one is equal in the sight of Allah and in the House of Allah- Masjid Al Haram. 
May Allah Bless them all for the abundance of efforts they have taken to serve this Ummah and may we all continuously strengthen our hearts with generosity. Islam is about integrity, peace and unconditional love, may this be evident in our actions too
Insha Allah. 

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The New World (Part 2)

...As my eyes shot open,
The pace of my heartbeats quickened,
Neither of the two segments seemed real.
There was no complete dread or goodness in the world I lived in,
It was a fusion of both…
But it did mean something and I knew what it was.
It was a depiction of the two futures,
It was a reminder for me to act right at this moment.
If I don’t, then I might get caught up in the world where blood appeared in every sight,
If I did, My generous Lord would bless this world with His unconquerable Might.
As He is the Merciful and he would never fail to ensure that the mankind was generous to one another…
So this is it. I woke up. 
Now is the moment to act, nothing can be better than to begin.
So I did. And I realized, changes don’t warn you before they come.
And sometimes some things just happen and that’s how you change…forever.
When you change for good, then remember,
That it is a blessing in disguise from the One Who blesses all.
Not a curse, not any luck. But just a blessing.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The New World.

As the days of darkness emerge time and again,
When the humanity loses hope… somewhere down the lane,
A light shines bright without any flaw or fault.
As I eye the long pathway, my heart performs its usual somersault.
Trembling with nervousness I place my leg forth to enter
The breeze around speaks for me and it couldn’t have been gentler.
My breath feels to be different in here,
My smile seems to be captivating to the spectators, but all I could feel was fear.
The world I found my escape into was better, they said…
Where morality lives and immorality is dead.
So will it be I thought…
 The strangers in here smiled.
The people in here laughed,
The women in here were honoured,
The men in here were dignified,
The children in here cherished…
Everyone in here lived.
Unlike the world I come from where
Blood was a river, humans weren’t what they were defined to be,
Land was a sheet of pricking stones, seas were permanently termed as killing zones.
The blue of the sky was painted grey and reeked only of smoke.
But now I am here after travelling across times leaving behind my ironic ‘folks’...
The future was a fiction that I didn’t dare to dream,
But dreams did dare to conquer my mindfulness and presented a world agleam
A land unknown, filled with strangers but yet a bond like no other,
So began my journey to this land where I let my joy smother the terrors.
I woke up from my long night’s dream…all this wasn’t for real?
It was…it was…interpret says my heart
for dreams don’t mean a thing or two, they may seem surreal but you shall comprehend,
they hold  treasures that you shall for now not understand. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

Awaken Her! Saga continues...

‘’Thus awakens the slumbering lioness, thy greatness leaves me spellbound. Mountains to scale, seas to cross, skies to fly and waters to surf. Here I am again; being the lioness I always wanted to be’’.
Being a woman is an honor. Being born as a girl is the best thing in itself that could happen to her. She may not get to wear those ripped jeans, that pricking spiked up hairstyle, those sticky gels, may not get to hangout until 4 in the morning, etc etc… But, she is the most honored one in all the ways. You know why? Because she knows to live her life even if her wings are clipped off. She knows to find her way out of the darkness even without a kindling fire on the torch. And you know what, dear patriarchal society? Thank you for giving us this privilege.
I write this for all the women out there being one among you all billions. I wouldn't say we are oppressed or suppressed; we are merely ignited, because we are the flame that doesn't explode but yet do not extinguish the determination burning within ourselves. Firstly, thank Allah for who you are. Proceed.
Sticks and stones may not hurt but words do, said a little voice long ago when the world chanted that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.  Being a woman, neither the sticks and stones nor the words should hurt you because that’s how strong you are meant to be. People passing by laugh at us and think of our ideas as a joke. They may think the illuminated lamp we have enlightened in our mind once upon a time will flicker and fade sooner or later because the reason is simple, we are women, someone who is born to listen when the world transmits ideas, someone who is allowed to dream in her sleep but yet when she wakes finds nobody by her side to convert those negatives into an actual picture. Despite all this, she steps forward and reaches the firmament to live her dream and that’s when the world has to gaze at her with admiration and say, ‘indeed you have lived for your name’.
I do not say that we as women are naturally allowed to do all that the men do. I honestly do not go with the idea because if Allah has created us to be in a certain way; then it is obviously for good as who knows us better than the Creator?
 Real women realize their boundaries, they know their rights and they know what to do. But in the middle comes this whole set of opinions which pulls her down the scale of excitement from 10 to 0, because at times, all she could think of are the ways the things went wrong rather than how righteous she has been under every other obstacle she has undergone. I agree that it’s the human nature to be inclined towards negativity, but dear women out there, nothing should bother you if you think what you are doing is right and is within the limits of what God has ordained each one of you. He hasn't placed any burden on us but simply asked us to be the filament that holds this humanity together because we are compassionate, gentle, loving and exceedingly caring. Men can do that as well, but they haven’t been blessed with the motherly qualities which only we can possess and the love which we can shower upon the deserving ones will change the world.
 Our words may be typed behind a veil, but it holds a value like no other. Our deeds may be hidden under thick garments and screens and the world around you may think that you are growing terribly insane with your work, but Allah knows your intention. You know what is the best thing about being a woman? It is that little emotional element within our hearts that would bind the world together. Every work a woman does, it has a little piece of her heart poured into it. She may be a teacher and there she shows the love of a mother. She may be a doctor or counselor, there she also becomes a sister to you, she may be an entrepreneur; there she would be the Ms. Wise like a grandmother filled with wisdom and loyalty. That is who we are women!
People may consider our tendency to be emotional as the weakest quality of ours, but what is better than befriending the biggest enemy when it comes to a battle? Here, the battle is between your dreams and the conventionalized opinions of the world. The weakness and enemy according to people is your emotional self, but now I think they have to think twice before uttering anything because you have just befriended the biggest enemy! When you do good deeds for the sake of Allah and have that inner peace, world begins to revolve in your favour. Petty issues do bother us and yes, we do have boxes in our brains that gets mixed up with one another, but in the end of the day only a woman can respond rightly to the millions of gathered up questions a man has in his mind despite the flood of thoughts overwhelming within her tender heart. 
Each one has a story of her own and I am not here to degrade or disrespect men for they are great and without them, world would turn berserk. I respect and honour them beyond the limits. Being a feminist means different things to different people and I am not a feminist, (if you abide by the definition of any standardized dictionary) but I am just the one who tries to be humane. Being humane means to consider the entire race of humanity and I wish everyone I met and will meet in life was and will be humane as that is the quality which defines you and your humanly physique. 
Now you may throw your words on me and yes it hurts inside but only a little as for now I have shielded myself with the words of the Lord who gave me the privilege to be the blessed one. Alhamdulilah for everything.  
‘’You may clip my wings and ask me to stay, but my Healer would come to aid me, you may shut me in the darkness and ask me to never emerge again, but my Light would come to show me the way. You may hide the stars away from me, but He is there above to open up the roofs of the world to let me admire them in awe, for if He wills, anything can happen. Just like those stars that twinkle high above, like those clouds fluffed up with joy, like the wide opened arms of the sky, like the waves that wash away the sorrows imprinted on the sands where men of past and now walk upon; we wish to be…we hope our dreams are noble, gentle and rationalized, aren't they my dear mate? ’’.  – a woman.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Tangled Life-Wire Problem!

A passionate self so precious, a head to hold so dignified, a moment to cease to the utmost, a decision to be made so wisely and a life to live so happily. Multiplicity of tasks assigned to one soul that a man holds onto to so dearly.
 Shutting my eyes tight I try to let out a sigh of a relief midst the crazy ride I am on to remember to be thankful that I am still breathing well and my pulses are in a perfect mountainous harmony. I assure myself once again that this is all temporary and one day long after now I will not have to worry if I am still running or if I have fallen aback by a second.
So many people to care and love, so many decisions to be made and only one opportunity is given for all, every second matters and all we want at times is an escape to the snow mountains where we need not care about the world and make snowmen all day and night. How nice would it be to run away from what life throws at us? I know some of us folks love challenges and love to live an extremely busy life, but each one of us have felt once in the middle of our tasks to break out of this darkness we are trapped in and finally feel the chilly breeze and the hotness of the bright sun’s rays.
Frustration lives within a corner of our hearts and most of the times it is given a position which it does not deserve in any way. We let it out and scream our hearts out. It is okay they would say and I say too but at the same time it’s harmful, hateful and extremely regretful. Controlling the anger is probably one of the biggest challenges give to human beings and of course a strong man is not the one who can break and bend irons but the one who fights his anger. Smiling like the baby in Teletubbies (in the end of the episodes, a joyous baby in the form of sun) all the time isn't really possible for us to do because at times it is just not right for everything to be right!
No human being is granted an all happy, joyous, wonderful and a complete harmonious life because it is simply life and it’s not meant to be any of that, yet we all wish for that right now. None of us actually like problems though some of us are adventurous we do not like the ‘actual problems’ and disentangling all the tangled wires of your problems is the challenge given to you all and doing that with patience only makes sense and there is no other way to get those wires straightened.
 When we take the tangled wire problem literally and I am sure that my readers would have tried to at least disentangle the wires of their headphones once in their lives. So, when you try to pull out the wire and put all your frustration in it, it further gets knotted and now you have got a double knot and your pressure is in the peak and then you go like ‘alright, its okay… it happens to everyone, now let me try patiently’, then you let out a sigh and cautiously pull out the knots and make sure that you don’t lose your calm, you put your fingers in the middle of the knot and try to pull the wire with the tip of your fingers; then you see it coming out slowly like the egg that’s hatching and…Voila! You did it mate!
Just like those wires, our life throws in a lot of problems and they aren’t small ones like that but way bigger. But do you know what the beauty of life is? No matter what, the philosophy of the human existence is the same. Each and every human being may be different from head to toe, but the fundamental rules and ways to live his/her life is the same and has been the same for generations. The consequences, problems and solutions may be different but the way one has to respond to the consequences of ones life is fundamentally and basically the same. Faith in Allah, patience and critical thinking are the three most basic things one has to consider. Lives are different, problems and people so diverse but the humanity is bound together by a common language and that language is not spoken or necessarily understood but it’s just there and you can feel it at times and when life gives you the opportunity, you can even experience it and get a taste of life as the good old men call it.
No matter what happens, you may feel your blood boiling up and your life throwing jack-fruits at you and it hits you hard on the forehead but there is someone out there who is way downtrodden than you. Your life may seem hard, imperfect and pointless but there are people who aren’t even aware of their existence. I haven’t been a part of all your lives, but I can say that when you think about the way things are in your life and hear out the weeping ones out there, the stories of their lives might sound horrifying than yours. At that point all you will want to do is thank God for making it all easier for you. Always remember, you are NOT the only one. 
 We are humans and we are imperfect, sometimes breaking the ice that’s frozen within us just seems right and I do not call it wrong but make sure when you break the frozen part of yours the sharp edged pieces don’t prick into other’s hearts as that would be the moment when a miserable saga would begin.
Do not compare yourself with others who appear to be happy all the time as each one has their own problems and their smile may be just a mask to conceal their sorrows. Most of the anger issues can be resolved if one stops doing that. Some issues may go to a deeper level, but the point is, nothing is permanent. Change is bound to happen and whatever may be the solution to the problem you are facing, it awaits somewhere down the lane and you would see it sooner if you prevent the wires from getting tangled further, instead be patient and try pulling it all out with utmost calmness.  Smile (THE BEST THING A HUMAN COULD DO).
    Note: HELLO! So, this is my 10th post in this blog and am extremely thankful to all the readers! I hope this post serves as a special one to you all and reaches you at the right time! 

Monday, 2 March 2015

The true light! (Addiction, emotion or devotion?)

Hours of wide opened eyes,
Years long separation mending ties.
Discussions all around,
Justifications too; but I see that people have been drowned.
Nobody cares to say,
To stay away.
You need to know there is a life out there
Have you not got a moment to spare?
Look at those pretty eyes that has been inviting,
For you to sit beside her and forget everything
That wrinkled and talcum-like soft hands
Which has been yearning for the warmth of your own hands.
Those cheeks have been wrinkled,
Yours have become rough with stubble that pricks,
She smiled, you frowned.
She held her hands out so that your fingers may entwine,
Supposing that even today you would say ‘you are only mine’.
Her hopes crashed and tears soaked her wrinkled skin
Where have you forgotten your kin?
My dear mate, don’t you see the firmament wide
The soul by your side
The trees that sway to the song of the breeze.
Remember the cold days when you feared she might freeze?
Those days when the bonfire was lit,
And you smiling at how perfect your hands fit
 into her small ones?
Things have come a long way
Is there anything else left to say?
The clock is ticking
Her eyes stare at you intently without even blinking
You bow your head
Glued to the light illuminated
You laugh at the lame joke
Have you recalled the last time when you and her spoke?
Waiting…waiting…patience…patient…Her heart says
 As hope burns and so does love… both in their own ways.
Renew it all, take off your eyes from the device
There she is waiting for you! So let it begin anew.
Let past be forgotten, sins be forgiven, for now what matters is your action
Which means the world to her and her heart would now call for a celebration
Finally, I got it all back she would declare
And you could do nothing but stare
At those glassy eyes glowing with pride and happiness
Then you know, my mate what in the world meant bliss
It is not in crossing levels of candycrush, not in obtaining hundreds of close calls,
It is not in breaking the swords and you virtually being a knight…it was all false.
This is the truth, the love, the bond and now you get back to righteous path
For time and tide waits for none they say.
 She calls for goodness and not wrath.
You choose the right one,
As your life is in your hands and in the hands of none.
God destined and created you with a heart and brain,
For you to guard yourself and never let your dignity stain. 
Why don’t you learn from the signs and forget the science?
He repeats that He is the Most Merciful, 
Clear are the proofs when we locate ourselves every time we get lost and are reduced to a lone soul.
Feel too tired of sins and ashamed to turn back?
Don't let the sin wrong you once again as He is Oft-forgiving. 
Run back to Him and to her whom you left all alone,
As both are waiting to shower their immeasurable love.
And He is there to make everything right,
 As His love for you is beyond your comprehension to understand or to contemplate with all your might. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Lost One!

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. __Will Smith

There are times in our lives when we feel hopeless as though there is no purpose for us to have fallen into this earth. Memories dig its hole in our hearts and we feel like we are not better than the person we were; in fact we are worse off. A stagnant feeling like the wind has stopped blowing all of a sudden and the ship we sail on moves no more and like the life we live has a meaning no more arises within us. But, I don’t think that our lives have lost their meanings but it was just never discovered. We were created from a piece of clay and were made into this human being who has a heart within which beats constantly and a brain to think which keeps sending its sensory messages every second. As I type now, my brain sends a message to my fingers to press on the key which says ‘K’ and ‘E’ and I just wonder; how can things be so perfect? Subhanallah!
 Many people have come to me and talked about their problems and asked me; ‘okay, now what am I supposed to do?’ I would provide the solution which I think would be the best for them but I always wished to ask them one thing; what do you think you are supposed to do?
We feel lost at some point in our lives and we want people to find us. But one thing I would say is; if you have lost yourself and tried hard to figure out why people don’t come to you; then you aren’t searching for a solution but you are complicating the problem you are trapped in. Instead of wondering why people don’t pick you up each time you tripped, you should try hard to get up on your own feet independently and find the reason as to why you have slipped off in the first place. Cursing the stone by which you tripped won’t solve your problem because it wasn’t its mistake to be lying in the middle of the road or on the pavement where you happened to be walking; it was your mistake to have not seen it just like every time in our lives we curse the people who cause problems to us but never think of the reason as to why does it happen to us in the first place. I thought it was senseless when people said ‘we invite problems’ but now I know that the statement is partly true. Most of the times, it is we who create problems on our own or just complicate a small issue by overthinking and exaggerating the situation.
We have seen people worrying and ruining the little moments of their lives when they had to live happily cherishing the precious seconds of their lives. Its their worries which make them look older than they are and its their worries which gobbles the happiness. The reason being, we humans are those creatures who find faulty assumptions better and pleasing than the good ones. Even in the wide ocean, if we find a cluster of dark particles floating; to our eyes the beauty of the blue is lost and only the dirt is seen which disgusts us. No matter how overwhelmingly happy we are; when there is an issue to worry about there is always a grief in the corner of our hearts. That’s when issues become problems and vice versa. Mostly, thinking about an issue just solves it right away because there is a tint of positivity in thinking that ‘it is not impossible to fight the problems’. But there are times when we think about the consequences we had to face because of the issue and cry our eyes out for all the pain it had caused and eventually we turn to look out for sympathy from people and forget that all we need is to get out and face the world alone with empathy of some truly caring people because no matter how close a person may be to you; in the end we are all alone and we are accountable for what we do. That is how individualistic we are created.
It is always good to talk to someone close to you because surprisingly at times, when you blurt things out; you feel extremely happy as though a burden has been lifted off your chest. When you feel helpless, do anything other than be quiet and cry all day and night; instead speak to someone who you feel would listen to you or just write in your book/diary or whatever but most importantly ‘pray’! Trust me, prayers do wonderful things to you and I wouldn’t ever find the right words to explain the peacefulness you acquire when you have cried in front of the Lord and communicate with Him opening up your hearts. You would have never felt your chest lighter than that moment when you have washed away your sorrows by confessing everything.
People may hurt you or taunt you; but life goes on because they do not have the power to prevent the clock from ticking or rule your mind or heart. Don’t let people’s words rise to that eminent position because they don’t deserve it. It is you that matters and your life is in your hands. Petty issues like the atoms in a molecule don’t deserve your attention because you rule and overpower them and they can never do the same. Life may seem hard, but we were created for a purpose and that is to worship the Creator and live by His words. When we abide by the norms He has set, everything would be fine. Fine doesn’t mean a world without any problems; for problems are tests and Allah gives the hardest of His tests to the strongest of His soldiers. When you find people whom you think are absolutely happy and have nothing to worry about, remember even they are being tested but the difference is that they are being tested with happiness and joy and they would pass if they are thankful and live with piety and so will you because every time you shut your eyes to ask Allah for a solution, you are remembering Him and when you do so, place all your trust on Him and keep trying and asking and do everything in your power and surely He will offer you a solution, but patience and perseverance are the keys to satisfaction.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. _ Lou Holtz

Friday, 30 January 2015

Sipping the Pleasures, 'The New Hot!'

Billions of people, trillions of stories and infinite expressions. Diverse people, the same oxygen is what they breathe but yet each story of life untold with a twist and spice of its own. Some bad and some good, but one thing does hit the minds, everything did happen for good. Believe it or not; that is true. A loss of reputation or something dear to our heart like self-esteem causes a pain which is quite inexplainable. The feeling or the sorrow cannot be simply put into words for one may not understand even if the most mawkish words were used. But understanding happens only when an individual puts himself/herself into the other person’s shoes and look at the world from their eyes. At that moment, everything begins to make sense.
Too often, we humans have the tendency to get into a conclusion. Some may perceive an extreme form of good deed as a bad one and the others may do the vice-versa. But whatever the case maybe, we judge. There is a famous saying, ‘that which you witness is a lie, that which you hear is a lie; only a deep understanding after investigation is true’. When I was quite young, I didn’t understand whatever this meant (I don’t think many children do), how come something I see could not be true because I see it. Well, the apparent meanings are what struck the psyche all the time. But of course, now all of us know what this actually means. The biggest problem of the entire nation of humans is their tendency to judge people by their looks, apparent deeds or the so called facts prevailing around about them. Seriously, fellow humans; facts of a person? Where are we living? What have we come to?
A stranger comes up and tells that XYZ is so and so; and you just believe them blindly. Why? Have we ever thought about that which we are talking about before starting our conversation? Gossip is made extremely lustrous these days that it doesn’t seem wrong anymore. But, little do some know about the consequences a gossip or rumour could create in one’s life. Digging the past and misunderstanding the whole issue of existence of an individual reduces a noble human being to a downtrodden individual in just a fraction of seconds. One minute of talk is enough to destroy the reputation of a person that he/she has strove to build since years. Is this what our forefathers taught us?
Talking isn’t bad. Personally, I myself am a talkative person; you can even call me Ms. Chatter Prattler. But, talking about someone else is worse than anything else. In the words of Islam, backbiting is equal to eating a dead brother’s flesh! On hearing that, don’t you feel like as though someone is pricking your sense with a highly pointed needle? I am no noble human being, none of us are perfect. At some point of our life, we are bound to talk wrong about someone else or just gossip about them, but we, as true believers or just a human being need to consider the consequences of the words we utter. Words are precious; once thrown out; they can never be taken back. They cannot be retrieved, but they can be recycled; only if you take a step down your ego ladder and proceed to ask forgiveness to the person whom you may have hurt directly or indirectly.
Before thinking about the ways you can stop talking behind someone’s back; we need to know what distinguishes between a normal talk and a gossip. Before uttering anything about a person, ask yourself ‘if the person whom I am going to talk about was to sit right in front of me now, will I be able to say that which I am willing to say right now?’ That one simple question can change the whole way you converse with people. As I wrote above, each and every person in this world has a story of their own. We do not know the perfect reasoning or consequence a person has to deal with; for we are mere observers and they are the ones who are living their hearts out. With all the social media around us; sleeping at night has become a chore and some of us do it only because not doing so would cause serious health risks. Otherwise, most of our good times would be spent in knowing or in other words stalking other’s lives and trust me; if you find anything good about that individual, you may forget that in a few days but if something close to bad seems to pop out; that is enough to fuel the conversation for one whole week when even the worse of writers become great storytellers and guess what; they sound so factual!
Communication is essential. It is that characteristic of ours which differentiates us from laggards. We need a drive in our life and to achieve the goal we must communicate. We meet people every day and in the extremely inter-connected world we live in, we have got the opportunity to be best buddies even with the person living under the oceans (mind the hyperbole, nobody lives of course, or do they?). The point that matters is the subject on which you ‘converse’. Weather it may be workplace, school, market, party or wherever; you just have to remember the principles you have set in your lives and should always remember to put yourselves in the shoes of the person whom you are talking about. The other individual (the victim in here) may be an ethical or a complete unethical person; but that does not matter, for he/she also holds onto a soul like you do and he/she also has heart within which cringes on hearing the negative remarks of the people around him/her. It’s not just women (as popularly claimed)these days who talk a lot and gossip A LOT, it is men as well, sort of like a trend eh?

Be careful with your tongue, for it either makes you compassionate or it may betray you. Use it wisely and remember to begin the process of recycling if you have ever at all thrown some litter out there. Wish you all happy days ahead! Talk wise and share a happy slice of your life with someone close to your heart! Do not waste your short life here by dwelling in others’ lives. Care and share but never betray. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

That Honorable Lioness!

From the pen of a woman of obligations and a silent warrior:
‘’I was a good student, a voracious reader and a good writer at times when thoughts sharpened its edges. But now… where am I lost?
Once I hated those mourning serials which were packed with negativity. I always loved to look at the perky side of life and I was filled with determination and hope to change the unjust conventions and to some extent, I hope I did. But now, I am left with no other option other than to look at those mourning and lackluster soaps. I wonder; am I addicted to these things or am I being forced to being the typical one?
Is this the life after marriage and kids? Sometimes I feel as though I am lost in a beautiful maze which makes you want to laugh and smile throughout but yet it gives you the feeling that you are trapped inside it no matter how sugar-coated and lucrative it may seem. I know deep down that somewhere I lack the warmth of my passion which made me want to rise above the skies once upon a time.
Soon after marriage, a woman’s life changes, at the beginning, everything seems to be a gift, even the hurdles would seem to be a present wrapped with thorny wrapper. It’s all beautiful, filled with surprise, delight, romance and dreams.
Then, life takes its turn to surprise us all of a sudden; it changes the woman to be a more responsible person. Expectations and hopes of people around us rise higher and when you fail to meet them, there is an unavoidable grief that grows within you because of the so-called wise advice and comments. There is nothing wrong in having new obligations and duties by your side because it is bound to happen to everyone. But there is something wrong within us and the blame is not to be burdened on anybody else. The fault is ours. We lose a part of ourselves in the wonderland finding a new treasure without knowing that the treasure is nothing other than your ‘passionate self’.
I forgot my favorite book, author and even some of my friends. But that forgetfulness wasn’t forced by anyone, now I realize that it was my fault that I let myself loose when I had to be rigid trying to hold onto my passion and fervor even when other things seemed striking.
There may be numerous changes taking place in your life, but you are you and nobody else other than you can find the missing part of the puzzle called life! No matter how long we drift away from our ‘youth’, a woman’s life turns out to be the same but it only takes a different exterior. Nothing changes internally; an onlooker may find that you have changed, but nothing within you has changed if you are still finding a part of you that is lost. When you realize that you still burn with passion and know that something has to be dug out; trust me you are not the looser.
If you haven’t found until now, why fret? Search for the real you after your kids or even grandchildren, but never give up. Once, you had a dream to be fulfilled and those dreams weren’t the ones which you saw during your sleep, those were something which didn’t let you sleep; and that’s what you are searching for! Never underestimate yourself, you are not a burden; dear woman, you are a blessing and if you consider yourself timid and weak; you are simply underestimating the power of the lioness slumbering within you. Let it out and be a gentle lioness!’’

So, those were the humble words of my aunt who is in a way my inspiration. I hope I have put her thoughts rightly. I couldn’t wait to put this particular article on my blog as I am extremely inclined towards the subject of feminism, women power etc. etc. As much as I know, women are the best dreamers but only some of them have fought for their dreams as warriors. Let us change the perspective of women being the timid persona of our society. Some of the women out there have found themselves long ago as they didn’t care about those gawking looks that the society gave them. The perspective of others don't always matter because when you change the way how you perceive different things in your life, eventually things take a turn and you will find the world revolving around you. Occurrences need not be favourable every time but every other occurrence has a meaning of its own and the mystery is best unveiled. What would our life be without a little exploration to find a huge mystery?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Huge Embrace!

The foot I set and proceed,
I hear the footsteps of the man of deeds,
Good or bad, God knows what?
But cold or hot
He is there…
How or where, not a single soul is aware.
Paces he forth and back,
Sun shines bright and i see him with his sack,
Burdened on his shoulders… was he lost?
I wondered. Will I leave my beloved that way at any cost?
Fear takes me over,
I see his lips quiver,
Tears blurred his vision,
Was it in any way my sensitive delusion?
I barely stare into his eyes,
My secretive eardrums hear his yearning cries,
Again, I look at him
To realize that tears were on the brim,
Mine or his was hard to say.
Sighting him was a part of my duties everyday,
Why did he walk for so long when he could hardly move his feet?
Why did he walk when his eyesight couldn’t spot a figure complete?
All this I thought as I stared at his white garment,
Fortunately, at that instant my mind acted as a parchment,
Documenting what I wondered about,
But even now, one thing remains a doubt.
Was he lost any way, what shall I say?
For I know not who he is and has long gone far away…

The poem I have written above talks about a man who lives in my residing area. He is extremely old, quite a hunch back I would say. He walks forth and back, from dustbin to God knows where. He collects the waste and throws them into the public bin in my area. I never had the nerve in me to go and ask him what he was exactly up to. Just another type of ignorance shown by me, but I always had the desire to help him; but I just didn’t know where to start it all from. I do not know the story behind that noble man and I am nowhere close to judge his present or past. But everytime I see him, one thing does click onto my mind, not necessarily something about him though. I generally think about all those old people who are suffering similarly and those old parents who can be taken care of extremely well, but instead they are on the roads finding nowhere to go.
Sadly, these cruel things happen in the same world where we have learnt that paradise lies under the feet of the mother. What an ecstasy it would have been for her when she first realized how important she was for this world? What must have she gone through when we spent our cozy months inside her womb? What must have she felt undergoing all the pain but yet she held it all up for she wanted to greet us with her smile? What must have she felt when the same son she held in her hands threw up his hands in air and screamed on her face to leave him alone? What must have she felt on losing her self-worth and eminent position that Allah has blessed her with? Have you ever given a thought about what she undergoes every second she sees you in trouble? Will you be ever that child whom she would proudly declare to be the best and will you be ever that child because of whom she needs not be ashamed in front of Allah or anyone in this world? 

What about the father without whom life would have been just as plain as the sandy deserts? The sleepless nights he had spent with your mother to support you, the immeasurable love he poured out to you, the genuine smile he gave you when things went wrong, when the wise words hit you when you were absolutely blindfolded by the so called pleasures of the world; the days he spent working just because he had to give his children everything they wished for;  the modesty with which he let you dwell into your dreams and leave off the worries to him, and so on goes the list.
 Have we forgotten everything? I am afraid that the answer would be a ‘yes’ by few and I am happy that the answer would be ‘absolutely no’ from many.
To say what they have done for us is needless, but to think what we have done for them is highly important. It is not the materialistic things that they ask for, they just ask for your support and love because that’s what they were hoping to get back when they nourished you all along. There might have been differences, world of conflicting thoughts, endless arguments but let us put all that behind and get on our feet to act rightly. You were once a kid and you asked them a number of questions for which they answered happily with a smile, but now they hardly ask you one single question and that too about your well-being but you just snap at them. Now, you may realize how far we have come.
It’s never too late, run back and embrace their pale bodies. No matter what happened, in the end; yours and their unity is what matters. A wreck in the relationship of mother/father with children is just too horrendous to hear and let alone to think of living in such a manner.  They have put their hands forth for your warmth long ago, but when are you going to do the same?

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah (RA) said: A man came to Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) and asked, “Which of the people is most deserving of my best companionship?” He said, “Your mother.” He said, “Then who?” He said, “Then your mother.” He said, “Then who?” He said, “Then your mother.” He said, “Then who?” He said, “Then your father.”
(Hadith No. 5971, Book of Al-Adab, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 8; Hadith No. 6500 (2548), Book of Al-Birr, Sahih Muslim, Vol. 6).