Saturday, 7 November 2015

Just another voice from within...

Clattering of opinions and issues all around me,
Mind in a chaos,
Cant think straight cant sleep peacefully,
Tossing around, this and that,
Too many hopes, too many dreams,
Everything is there in the back of my mind...
But I... I seem to be swimming across endless commitments.
Lost my escape,
For that has now become my obligation.
The last thing I wanted to trade my loved one was for fame...
But now it does seem from far away quite like that.
But this heart within knows...
Knows that this heart is too sensitive to trade anything precious like that..
For something so trivial.
So I would hold onto it.
The one which enlightened my dark times...
The one which I loved heartily,
Shall not be traded.
Altruism it is...but sometimes it is okay to cut some slack.
Get the time for yourself..
For once shut the voices in your brain,
Listen to your beautiful heart,
Is this what you truly want?
Is there any way out?
Is this the one way ticket to some endless journey?
If this is immortal until you, the mortal soul pass away...
How are you going to deal with it?
How will you force the heart to love this?
This the heart shall decide.
Find your weakest spot,
Make them your strengths,
And turn your obligations into your escapes...
This is how I merged my escapes and my obligation into one.
My life without both is now understood would be not me.
Where would I be?
This the God knows.
His plans are perfect,
For now, I would do my best and leave the rest to Him.
He would guide me...
And that is all I need for now.
Assurance of Love and Guidance,
For which the Rabb (God) is always there to shower.