Saturday, 30 May 2015

The New World (Part 2)

...As my eyes shot open,
The pace of my heartbeats quickened,
Neither of the two segments seemed real.
There was no complete dread or goodness in the world I lived in,
It was a fusion of both…
But it did mean something and I knew what it was.
It was a depiction of the two futures,
It was a reminder for me to act right at this moment.
If I don’t, then I might get caught up in the world where blood appeared in every sight,
If I did, My generous Lord would bless this world with His unconquerable Might.
As He is the Merciful and he would never fail to ensure that the mankind was generous to one another…
So this is it. I woke up. 
Now is the moment to act, nothing can be better than to begin.
So I did. And I realized, changes don’t warn you before they come.
And sometimes some things just happen and that’s how you change…forever.
When you change for good, then remember,
That it is a blessing in disguise from the One Who blesses all.
Not a curse, not any luck. But just a blessing.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The New World.

As the days of darkness emerge time and again,
When the humanity loses hope… somewhere down the lane,
A light shines bright without any flaw or fault.
As I eye the long pathway, my heart performs its usual somersault.
Trembling with nervousness I place my leg forth to enter
The breeze around speaks for me and it couldn’t have been gentler.
My breath feels to be different in here,
My smile seems to be captivating to the spectators, but all I could feel was fear.
The world I found my escape into was better, they said…
Where morality lives and immorality is dead.
So will it be I thought…
 The strangers in here smiled.
The people in here laughed,
The women in here were honoured,
The men in here were dignified,
The children in here cherished…
Everyone in here lived.
Unlike the world I come from where
Blood was a river, humans weren’t what they were defined to be,
Land was a sheet of pricking stones, seas were permanently termed as killing zones.
The blue of the sky was painted grey and reeked only of smoke.
But now I am here after travelling across times leaving behind my ironic ‘folks’...
The future was a fiction that I didn’t dare to dream,
But dreams did dare to conquer my mindfulness and presented a world agleam
A land unknown, filled with strangers but yet a bond like no other,
So began my journey to this land where I let my joy smother the terrors.
I woke up from my long night’s dream…all this wasn’t for real?
It was…it was…interpret says my heart
for dreams don’t mean a thing or two, they may seem surreal but you shall comprehend,
they hold  treasures that you shall for now not understand.