Friday, 8 July 2016


So now empaths have a real problem. The problem of not belonging to anything or anywhere because perhaps they are considered too good to live or someone who is naive. Quite honestly, they are not naive, but they are the ones who constantly struggle to find happiness by doing the littlest of deeds.
You see in a world full of stingy people, there are those who truly want to give.
No this isn't to show off, this is to really reflect because it hurts deep down when your actions are belittled by people and they say that some of us don't know to live.
Yes the bills are going up and oh yes you NEED to buy that resort, that phone, yeah it is a must! You HAVE to get it! But....these things just don't make sense to some people. I was hurt deeply whenever my actions were too alienated and belittled. But then as I sat to reflect upon how my life was turning out, I recalled the actions of the greatest human who had walked on this earth, that one person who makes me cry when I think about him, that one person who fills my heart...that one person who gives me so much hope to live. Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassalam. How I crave to meet him!
That was a man of empathy, who dared not to be stingy, who would give up his food for others, who wouldn't ever complain about food, or say no when others asked him for something... His heart was gold. No, purer than that. If he would have cared about what people said or did, how could this Ummah stand proud and huge today? Alhamdulilah.
And his character was so beautiful that it shaped others' lives, his wife Ayesha radhi'allahu anha used to perfume the charity she gave to the poor people, and she would give so much that sometimes she wouldn't have anything for herself, yet she remained content. Do you know why? Because she was so beautiful and a woman of tawakkul that she just didn't mind about the worldly elements.
I would be considered a cave woman by some when I try to reason with these examples, but to me or to any of you, their stories should never get old. This disease of love for Dunya has blinded us, the truth of this life was realized by our beloved forefathers who gave and smiled. True happiness is that. To give. For the sake of Allah. To share happiness. When you withhold your money and keep hoarding up, NOTHING is going to make you happy. In the end, it ain't about the paper notes, but the beautiful smiles etched in others' faces because of you.
If you too feel like you don't belong here, then welcome home stranger, just know that perhaps you have this beautiful home up there in the heavens, for Allah loves your deeds when you do it for His sake alone. People will laugh at you and taunt you, but its okay, we dont belong. May the strangers be blessed. Our hearts ain't with us , it is with the Turner of Hearts.