Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Tangled Life-Wire Problem!

A passionate self so precious, a head to hold so dignified, a moment to cease to the utmost, a decision to be made so wisely and a life to live so happily. Multiplicity of tasks assigned to one soul that a man holds onto to so dearly.
 Shutting my eyes tight I try to let out a sigh of a relief midst the crazy ride I am on to remember to be thankful that I am still breathing well and my pulses are in a perfect mountainous harmony. I assure myself once again that this is all temporary and one day long after now I will not have to worry if I am still running or if I have fallen aback by a second.
So many people to care and love, so many decisions to be made and only one opportunity is given for all, every second matters and all we want at times is an escape to the snow mountains where we need not care about the world and make snowmen all day and night. How nice would it be to run away from what life throws at us? I know some of us folks love challenges and love to live an extremely busy life, but each one of us have felt once in the middle of our tasks to break out of this darkness we are trapped in and finally feel the chilly breeze and the hotness of the bright sun’s rays.
Frustration lives within a corner of our hearts and most of the times it is given a position which it does not deserve in any way. We let it out and scream our hearts out. It is okay they would say and I say too but at the same time it’s harmful, hateful and extremely regretful. Controlling the anger is probably one of the biggest challenges give to human beings and of course a strong man is not the one who can break and bend irons but the one who fights his anger. Smiling like the baby in Teletubbies (in the end of the episodes, a joyous baby in the form of sun) all the time isn't really possible for us to do because at times it is just not right for everything to be right!
No human being is granted an all happy, joyous, wonderful and a complete harmonious life because it is simply life and it’s not meant to be any of that, yet we all wish for that right now. None of us actually like problems though some of us are adventurous we do not like the ‘actual problems’ and disentangling all the tangled wires of your problems is the challenge given to you all and doing that with patience only makes sense and there is no other way to get those wires straightened.
 When we take the tangled wire problem literally and I am sure that my readers would have tried to at least disentangle the wires of their headphones once in their lives. So, when you try to pull out the wire and put all your frustration in it, it further gets knotted and now you have got a double knot and your pressure is in the peak and then you go like ‘alright, its okay… it happens to everyone, now let me try patiently’, then you let out a sigh and cautiously pull out the knots and make sure that you don’t lose your calm, you put your fingers in the middle of the knot and try to pull the wire with the tip of your fingers; then you see it coming out slowly like the egg that’s hatching and…Voila! You did it mate!
Just like those wires, our life throws in a lot of problems and they aren’t small ones like that but way bigger. But do you know what the beauty of life is? No matter what, the philosophy of the human existence is the same. Each and every human being may be different from head to toe, but the fundamental rules and ways to live his/her life is the same and has been the same for generations. The consequences, problems and solutions may be different but the way one has to respond to the consequences of ones life is fundamentally and basically the same. Faith in Allah, patience and critical thinking are the three most basic things one has to consider. Lives are different, problems and people so diverse but the humanity is bound together by a common language and that language is not spoken or necessarily understood but it’s just there and you can feel it at times and when life gives you the opportunity, you can even experience it and get a taste of life as the good old men call it.
No matter what happens, you may feel your blood boiling up and your life throwing jack-fruits at you and it hits you hard on the forehead but there is someone out there who is way downtrodden than you. Your life may seem hard, imperfect and pointless but there are people who aren’t even aware of their existence. I haven’t been a part of all your lives, but I can say that when you think about the way things are in your life and hear out the weeping ones out there, the stories of their lives might sound horrifying than yours. At that point all you will want to do is thank God for making it all easier for you. Always remember, you are NOT the only one. 
 We are humans and we are imperfect, sometimes breaking the ice that’s frozen within us just seems right and I do not call it wrong but make sure when you break the frozen part of yours the sharp edged pieces don’t prick into other’s hearts as that would be the moment when a miserable saga would begin.
Do not compare yourself with others who appear to be happy all the time as each one has their own problems and their smile may be just a mask to conceal their sorrows. Most of the anger issues can be resolved if one stops doing that. Some issues may go to a deeper level, but the point is, nothing is permanent. Change is bound to happen and whatever may be the solution to the problem you are facing, it awaits somewhere down the lane and you would see it sooner if you prevent the wires from getting tangled further, instead be patient and try pulling it all out with utmost calmness.  Smile (THE BEST THING A HUMAN COULD DO).
    Note: HELLO! So, this is my 10th post in this blog and am extremely thankful to all the readers! I hope this post serves as a special one to you all and reaches you at the right time!