Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Lost One!

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. __Will Smith

There are times in our lives when we feel hopeless as though there is no purpose for us to have fallen into this earth. Memories dig its hole in our hearts and we feel like we are not better than the person we were; in fact we are worse off. A stagnant feeling like the wind has stopped blowing all of a sudden and the ship we sail on moves no more and like the life we live has a meaning no more arises within us. But, I don’t think that our lives have lost their meanings but it was just never discovered. We were created from a piece of clay and were made into this human being who has a heart within which beats constantly and a brain to think which keeps sending its sensory messages every second. As I type now, my brain sends a message to my fingers to press on the key which says ‘K’ and ‘E’ and I just wonder; how can things be so perfect? Subhanallah!
 Many people have come to me and talked about their problems and asked me; ‘okay, now what am I supposed to do?’ I would provide the solution which I think would be the best for them but I always wished to ask them one thing; what do you think you are supposed to do?
We feel lost at some point in our lives and we want people to find us. But one thing I would say is; if you have lost yourself and tried hard to figure out why people don’t come to you; then you aren’t searching for a solution but you are complicating the problem you are trapped in. Instead of wondering why people don’t pick you up each time you tripped, you should try hard to get up on your own feet independently and find the reason as to why you have slipped off in the first place. Cursing the stone by which you tripped won’t solve your problem because it wasn’t its mistake to be lying in the middle of the road or on the pavement where you happened to be walking; it was your mistake to have not seen it just like every time in our lives we curse the people who cause problems to us but never think of the reason as to why does it happen to us in the first place. I thought it was senseless when people said ‘we invite problems’ but now I know that the statement is partly true. Most of the times, it is we who create problems on our own or just complicate a small issue by overthinking and exaggerating the situation.
We have seen people worrying and ruining the little moments of their lives when they had to live happily cherishing the precious seconds of their lives. Its their worries which make them look older than they are and its their worries which gobbles the happiness. The reason being, we humans are those creatures who find faulty assumptions better and pleasing than the good ones. Even in the wide ocean, if we find a cluster of dark particles floating; to our eyes the beauty of the blue is lost and only the dirt is seen which disgusts us. No matter how overwhelmingly happy we are; when there is an issue to worry about there is always a grief in the corner of our hearts. That’s when issues become problems and vice versa. Mostly, thinking about an issue just solves it right away because there is a tint of positivity in thinking that ‘it is not impossible to fight the problems’. But there are times when we think about the consequences we had to face because of the issue and cry our eyes out for all the pain it had caused and eventually we turn to look out for sympathy from people and forget that all we need is to get out and face the world alone with empathy of some truly caring people because no matter how close a person may be to you; in the end we are all alone and we are accountable for what we do. That is how individualistic we are created.
It is always good to talk to someone close to you because surprisingly at times, when you blurt things out; you feel extremely happy as though a burden has been lifted off your chest. When you feel helpless, do anything other than be quiet and cry all day and night; instead speak to someone who you feel would listen to you or just write in your book/diary or whatever but most importantly ‘pray’! Trust me, prayers do wonderful things to you and I wouldn’t ever find the right words to explain the peacefulness you acquire when you have cried in front of the Lord and communicate with Him opening up your hearts. You would have never felt your chest lighter than that moment when you have washed away your sorrows by confessing everything.
People may hurt you or taunt you; but life goes on because they do not have the power to prevent the clock from ticking or rule your mind or heart. Don’t let people’s words rise to that eminent position because they don’t deserve it. It is you that matters and your life is in your hands. Petty issues like the atoms in a molecule don’t deserve your attention because you rule and overpower them and they can never do the same. Life may seem hard, but we were created for a purpose and that is to worship the Creator and live by His words. When we abide by the norms He has set, everything would be fine. Fine doesn’t mean a world without any problems; for problems are tests and Allah gives the hardest of His tests to the strongest of His soldiers. When you find people whom you think are absolutely happy and have nothing to worry about, remember even they are being tested but the difference is that they are being tested with happiness and joy and they would pass if they are thankful and live with piety and so will you because every time you shut your eyes to ask Allah for a solution, you are remembering Him and when you do so, place all your trust on Him and keep trying and asking and do everything in your power and surely He will offer you a solution, but patience and perseverance are the keys to satisfaction.

Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. _ Lou Holtz