Sunday, 2 August 2015

Welcome the bliss...!

Nothing is permanent. We, the animals, our posessions and everything else we see. Everything will perish, yet how we long for certain things to stay with us forever is what baffles me. As I am writing this, my heart keeps wondering about the days to come, the days which are not a reality right now, something unseen and non existent, yet how amazingly does my heart spindle stories about them. Ramadan has come to an end. I have been lost in its beauty and now I fear if I would turn into the same old version of myself. Not that I was bad or anything before the beginning of the ever blessed month, but I was a person finding a piece of my heart missing, a void which nothing could fill. Null. That was what I felt. I prayed for one thing over and over, not that I wanted Mini Cooper right now, but something which only God could give.
Ever since I began to ask Him to fill the void, astoundingly things have been different. We all know the feeling of being sad or secluded. If not, thank goodness, you are indeed one of a kind. There are times when tiny things which people say or do hurts you so much so that your heart literally starts paining, the lump in your throat puts you in loss for words and you feel like the lonely tree in a plain desert. All of a sudden, you feel like you belong to some other species and absolutely nobody understands you, and you know what? It happens, it happens that sometimes nobody will understand you because you simply cant express how you feel, or even if you express, the other person wouldn't just get it.
I appreciate you anyway for confronting your feelings and letting it out in the form of tears. But I found an even better cure for it then talking it out, mostly that does solve the problem, but there is this pain which still remains and you have become a clueless human being. And that's when you finally remember that there is Someone above you who is craving to listen to the stories of His creations, but when that creation of His asks the darkness to help him, how do you expect Him to solve everything right away? But He being the Most Merciful solves the issues right away sometimes without even asking for Him to. Subhanallah!
The point of being sad for petty issues is that we want to feel it and we want to acknowledge the pain. When your feelings are quite sane, your heart reminds you that the issue is nothing to worry about and this is just a speck of dust being thrown on your beautiful heart, but you ignore the goody heart's voices and just ask it to leave you alone so that you can further distress yourself.
 That's when you go wrong, you should've listened to the goody heart because that could've solved the problem right away. But what's bygone doesn't matter, now that you have realized or are still lingering in the world of sorrow, take a deep breathe and ask yourself, what on earth is disturbing you so much? Is it even worth the time I grieve for? Is this how my life would someday become meaningful? Does grieving make me feel better in the slightest? Lastly, ask yourself, why are you punishing yourself?
But even after asking all these questions, the positive vibes wouldn't start glowing by itself all of a sudden, you may toughen up and be a hulk but there is something very important that is still missing within. You haven't asked the One whom you should have asked long ago, the only Helper to all the lost souls who ask. That is why you are still wetting your pillow with uncontrollable tears, that is why your heart pricks and pains.
It is time for you to turn to Him, you have made a mess out of yourself, now it is you who has to pick yourself up and ask Him who guided us all these years instead of letting us wander in the darkness of forests. There are so many things to be thankful for, every single moment you breathe out is a blessing, your eyesight, hands and feet, think about those people who haven't been blessed with these! Thank Allah that you are not worse, ask Him to take you out of this sorrow and and ask Him to fill the void and strengthen your faith in Him, keep repeating, cry in prostration when the world sleeps' do not be ashamed to cry in front of Him and that earns better rewards than weeping without any clue.
Sometimes, your prayers won't be answered right away, but stay patient and keep begging for guidance, your heart will glow out of happiness and contentment. You may not turn rich abruptly, but there will be a kind of happiness that silences the roaring of all the regrets you had in the past. Unfavourable things will happen all the time, but your outlook towards those will change because now you have Allah and you know in the end that is all that matters. This life is just an amusement, in the end, this all would not be all that you thought it to be.