Saturday, 30 May 2015

The New World (Part 2)

...As my eyes shot open,
The pace of my heartbeats quickened,
Neither of the two segments seemed real.
There was no complete dread or goodness in the world I lived in,
It was a fusion of both…
But it did mean something and I knew what it was.
It was a depiction of the two futures,
It was a reminder for me to act right at this moment.
If I don’t, then I might get caught up in the world where blood appeared in every sight,
If I did, My generous Lord would bless this world with His unconquerable Might.
As He is the Merciful and he would never fail to ensure that the mankind was generous to one another…
So this is it. I woke up. 
Now is the moment to act, nothing can be better than to begin.
So I did. And I realized, changes don’t warn you before they come.
And sometimes some things just happen and that’s how you change…forever.
When you change for good, then remember,
That it is a blessing in disguise from the One Who blesses all.
Not a curse, not any luck. But just a blessing.