Monday, 2 March 2015

The true light! (Addiction, emotion or devotion?)

Hours of wide opened eyes,
Years long separation mending ties.
Discussions all around,
Justifications too; but I see that people have been drowned.
Nobody cares to say,
To stay away.
You need to know there is a life out there
Have you not got a moment to spare?
Look at those pretty eyes that has been inviting,
For you to sit beside her and forget everything
That wrinkled and talcum-like soft hands
Which has been yearning for the warmth of your own hands.
Those cheeks have been wrinkled,
Yours have become rough with stubble that pricks,
She smiled, you frowned.
She held her hands out so that your fingers may entwine,
Supposing that even today you would say ‘you are only mine’.
Her hopes crashed and tears soaked her wrinkled skin
Where have you forgotten your kin?
My dear mate, don’t you see the firmament wide
The soul by your side
The trees that sway to the song of the breeze.
Remember the cold days when you feared she might freeze?
Those days when the bonfire was lit,
And you smiling at how perfect your hands fit
 into her small ones?
Things have come a long way
Is there anything else left to say?
The clock is ticking
Her eyes stare at you intently without even blinking
You bow your head
Glued to the light illuminated
You laugh at the lame joke
Have you recalled the last time when you and her spoke?
Waiting…waiting…patience…patient…Her heart says
 As hope burns and so does love… both in their own ways.
Renew it all, take off your eyes from the device
There she is waiting for you! So let it begin anew.
Let past be forgotten, sins be forgiven, for now what matters is your action
Which means the world to her and her heart would now call for a celebration
Finally, I got it all back she would declare
And you could do nothing but stare
At those glassy eyes glowing with pride and happiness
Then you know, my mate what in the world meant bliss
It is not in crossing levels of candycrush, not in obtaining hundreds of close calls,
It is not in breaking the swords and you virtually being a knight…it was all false.
This is the truth, the love, the bond and now you get back to righteous path
For time and tide waits for none they say.
 She calls for goodness and not wrath.
You choose the right one,
As your life is in your hands and in the hands of none.
God destined and created you with a heart and brain,
For you to guard yourself and never let your dignity stain. 
Why don’t you learn from the signs and forget the science?
He repeats that He is the Most Merciful, 
Clear are the proofs when we locate ourselves every time we get lost and are reduced to a lone soul.
Feel too tired of sins and ashamed to turn back?
Don't let the sin wrong you once again as He is Oft-forgiving. 
Run back to Him and to her whom you left all alone,
As both are waiting to shower their immeasurable love.
And He is there to make everything right,
 As His love for you is beyond your comprehension to understand or to contemplate with all your might.