Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Little bliss!

It was my birthday just two days ago. From the day I was born into this earth, I have been taught that the date of my birth meant nothing bigger than the other days. It is simple, there is no reason to celebrate my birthday, I just grow a little older and I have fewer years to live, that means I have BIGGER responsibilities. To express how I felt  on hearing few sweet words from a few people on this birthday would be quite vague, but I did feel one thing, I am blessed ABUNDANTLY. Alhamdulilah!
Many of us think of life as something which has to be survived and not to be truly lived. Now you may be wondering about the difference between these two terms; so I thought of coming up with an equation (hey there, math lovers). So, here it goes!
 Surivival= existence-living, Life= living+survival. Now the question is, what is it to live a life?
To live a life cannot be defined by me or anybody else because living means different things to different people. For a poor boy, struggle to find a piece of bread might be the meaning of life, for a rich entrepreneur, making millions upon millions might be what he defines as life. To live a life isn’t necessarily to find bread or make millions, it is to find what one truly wants and on the end of the day, it is mere happiness.
 Every one has their own issues to moan about, a kid mourns about his/her broken toy while an old person about the constant physical pain. A person being content, even with all the problems is the one who is to be called a healthy person. Problems may be different, but they are problems after all, as the old idiom says, we all are in the same boat, but you know what? The boat which we are moving on does not have gaping holes to let us sink ruthlessly. On the contrary, it is filled with hope and happiness to let us all sail for miles unknown. Somehow, all of us are fighting against the water for one thing, contentment is the word.
Elders taught me one thing, there are no problems without any solution. Same is the case with the problem of being content (that is how we made it today, problem!).
You can never be content with what you have as your desires do not have a full stop. If today, you think you would be extremely happy if you get an increment of JUST a 1000 dollars and you somehow get it, then tomorrow, you would want to get 2000$ more. It's just a human nature and it's not wrong for us to wish to be better. It is completely okay.
But many of us are too busy trying to find a day to live our lives that we forget to live on the way and finally, when the day comes, it would be our last one. So, before it gets to that worst point, let us go by the wise words and try to be happy with what we have and NEVER EVER forget to thank the Lord for He has blessed us abundantly. Flaws are a part of us and the only way to live with them is to accept it.
What I say here isn’t something foreign as our forefathers have lived that way, so there is not chance over here for you to say that the world is practical and my words are just another set of philosophy! Our forefathers didn’t have all the world’s wealth and even if they did,they didn’t gobble it all up for themselves.  They learnt to stay happily with what they had as they knew that they were blessed and they knew that the essence of happiness is not realized when we alone smile but when the smile is shared with a couple of others. Even the air we breath and the earth we live on is a blessing. If even the minor things like the shoes you wear count, then just try counting your blessings ! But unfortunately, you are going to fail just like me since it is COUNTLESS!
Now where does it all stand? If we are okay with what we have, then why do we need to look for something which we do not have. It does have a reason, for a wise man; not long ago, advised the world not to settle and to keep looking for what we want (you ought to guess who he is). Happiness doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is perfect the way it is, it is just our perception to see it all being fine, and our accord with our hearts to never whine about the imperfections. Make the imperfect ‘perfect’ and your survival a ‘living’. Follow your passions with BIGGER responsibilities by your side. Do not look at your dependents and responsibilities as a burden, even they are a blessing; only if you give a little thought about it! Happy living!