Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Little Wave!

Where does it all start from? From the cries or the waves?
Wondering much? Well, I wouldn't prefer the least to annoy any of my readers for the first time they have laid their eyes upon my work, so let me begin by a sweet hello which you must hear and glow!
The reason as to why I started this blog isn't something remarkable but a humble beginning to what I want to really do one day, and may be this might act as a little drop to form the huge ocean that I wish to sail upon. Maybe, this will grow to be an Ocean, who knows, after all, everything is in the hands of Almighty, isn't it?
I have always found a tremendous power in words and I believe that they are sharper than anything else that exists in the world. They can unite two countries and also rip them apart; and the number might not be limited to two. One potent word, and everything goes ‘whoooosh!’.
I have always wanted to write to let people know what I want to say to this world. I want to let them know the nobility that’s prevailing and that which prevailed. Sadly, the cruelty can’t be ignored, but we can keep that aside for now. As what matters now is NOW, and what touches the little heart beating inside all of us are optimistic words and the world is in an urgent need for it and that is what I am hoping to do; to let you all know that there is a ray of sunshine even in the darkest of days.
So for now, this is it, Insha Allah will reach you all with goodie good words on the coming greater days.