Thursday, 11 December 2014

A few shillings!

I complain about my imperfect skin while she complains about her gorgeous one,
I complain about my shrinking wallet while she complains about her exquisite prosperity,
I complain about my distasteful food while she complains about her delicious entrée,
I complain about everything that life burdens me with while she complains about everything that life blesses her with.
Somehow, many of us are one of those who think the other one is flawless while we are the most wretched one, aren’t we?  Those were just a few words that shed light onto the marathon lives we are living. Winning and losing have become two things that act as the very base of our existence. Gone are the days when rain was the most cherished blessing of all and euphonious laughter was one of the few things that gratified and not the shrieking painful cries of earth mates. These are the days when Mr. Wealth, the hero of our story is being turned into a villain.Turned as it is not our hero who is committing the crime, but it is the fingers that hold him force him to commit crimes, how many, countless is all I can say. But unveiling the negativity is not what I am here for; the mere purpose is to find diamonds in the deepest and darkest of mines. For the deeper, the better, the darker, the richer. I would still say hope exists, because in the same wide world of hunger for ENSUING there are others who think that life has a purpose, everyone is blessed, everyone is ONE and there is no difference between the man of the throne and the one who lives in rags, at least when he is born.
The same air, crops, water are what we live upon. But in the middle came the wealth which caused the whole disparity dividing all of us and changing our perceptions from 'all' to 'me alone' and from 'contentment' to 'improvement' (so called). The sense of feeling that the one who is above you by means of something is far better than you has caused this whole new dogma which does nothing but sink you into the sea of frustration and discontentment. Constant comparison has now pulled us along with it and now here we are, all alone facing the world which frowns at you and shuts the doors of kindness. But nothing is unchanging except for the change. The will to look back, correct the errors and connect the dots which you have deliberately left unconnected will change everything.
Pray, love, care, share, smile and look for what you really want. Money may come and go, need for it is inevitable, but making it the only purpose to live will slay your legacy which is going to live on forever. It’s not a mistake to be rich, but what makes you rich defines the actual morality. Earn, but never hesitate to share; grow wealthy, but never forget to spare a minute for the homeless person standing in front of you. If at that moment, you feel to cling onto your money and cannot even think about giving a few of your shillings, trust me, my friend; you haven’t learnt the purpose of life YET. But now, you have, go on and try for once to open your heart and feel what it feels to be truly rich and there you go, you are already living a life…!