Monday, 29 December 2014

A Few Reforms!

‘’As years pass by, the fact that hits me is that I am not immortal. Life is short here; amendment is to be made throughout the different phases of our lives. Let our amendments this year make up a resolution and let the signatory be you and your promise to God.’’
Ignorance is something that prevails all around us these days. Something which is too common in the little world we live in. We meet the same person over and over again in the wide circle, but yet, we don’t remember how important the person was to our life even for a few seconds. We are humans, we make mistakes; terrible ones in fact, we may forget a lot of things, but forgetting a person isn’t something which we can relat e to the so called nature of ours. It is mere ignorance, I would say, the little attention we pay towards the other person. People we meet have 
become too petty that we don’t give a second thought about them. With all the things bugging you, there are adorably good things you are blessed with; it isn’t necessarily the tangible possessions which you cling onto most of the times. It is the people you meet, the conversations, the emotions that thrive within you, the lessons you have learnt from the few words exchanged between them and you and the distinct character of the other person that lets us ponder over the wide world we 
live in and that’s what makes us realize what it is to be truly blessed.
A lot of folks live in a bubble, which may pop off easily if they poke it a little. But the truth is, they don’t want to pop off the bubble and they suffocate on and on within it and that’s when everything becomes too much for them to handle. When we live liberally, inhaling the icy breeze and sensing the fragrance of the wet soil, understanding the language of humanity: the respect, dignity, honorary and kindness is when we live inclusively.
 You know, a life like the Disney princesses have, happily ever after isn’t going to come to any of us as long as we live in this world, hurdles may be coming in our way at every point of our lives. We think that including everything in our life burdens us, it is not the inclusive life that burdens us but it is when we think about our own little world we have built around us that when life becomes a heap of sand which would slide off at any moment.
These days, most of us talk about individuality and human rights (i think it should be named as person-rights) and fight against each other to be the victor. How awful? At one side, we talk about honoring and praising the dignity of each and every human, but on the other; we fight against each other to win the title of being an ‘individual’. When did we lose those days when the mantra of ‘all for one and one for all’ was chanted as though it held some supreme power that it would bring in double the wealth we possessed every time it was thought or uttered?

World is spinning at a super pace, a lot of things go unnoticed. But a few things on which our sights luckily fall upon have to be remembered. A person will not be honored or dignified until he/she dignifies the fellow earthlings. Love is the language of humanity, hatred is language of Satan; we all have a battle to fight, not between ourselves but against the negativity and timidity (cowardliness) which is buried within us. Life is short here, there may be a tomorrow or not, there is no forever here for us to dream of a tomorrow when our relations will be mended and our sorrows and hurdles will be vanished. Before it’s too late, turn to your Lord and ask for forgiveness for the person you’ve been and pray for the person you want to be. It’s never too late until you live. Resolutions are always the HOT topic before a new year, so is yours now to live an inclusive life and to pop off the Mr. Bubble?